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Earnings - Mobile App City


Three Income Streams

Your clients will pay you an upfront fee for your services. You can decide how much to charge and keep 100% of this.

You will also charge a monthly fee and you will keep the majority of this. We simply charge you a minimum rate per app.

You can offer additional complimentary products and services to increase your earnings. You keep 100% of this income.

Generate Upfront Fees and Repeat Monthly Income

There is the potential to earn £2,460.00 over 24 months for every new app that you build. You can decide how many apps you would like to publish per month to achieve financial freedom. As you develop and grow your customer base, you will increase your passive income. With unlimited earnings, that is a great return on your initial investment of just £7,995.00 (+VAT if applicable).

Financial Benefits

As an Mobile App Ciry partner, there are further financial benefits when you start your own mobile app business with us. The setup costs are low and the overheads are minimal. With no territory restrictions, you can operate your business anywhere. You only ever pay the joining fee once. After that you simply pay for the apps that you build on behalf of your clients. There is no limit on how much you can earn. You set the target and work towards your goal.

Overall when you add it all up this business surpasses almost anything out there. For the one time investment of just $25k and all these benefits, you’d be crazy not carefully consider Mobile App City – it could be the best business decision you’ve made yet.

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