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FIND YOUR QUESTION Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment?
It’s just a one-time License fee of £20,000 (no VAT payable) and there are no royalties or marketing fees that you need to pay. You also do not need to hire employees (unless you choose to) and no lease or rent as you can work from home. Ultimately a very low-cost and low overhead business that can be started very quickly.
What is my territory?
The short answer is – there are none. You have a world-wide territory. This business is not a “location-based” business like a restaurant, territories are too restrictive here. You can get clients from anywhere.
Will I be able to have my own brand or do I operate as Mobile App City?
We give you the freedom to choose your own business name and we’ll create a brand, logo and website for you. You have freedom to express yourself the way you like in this business and we don’t restrict or control how you can market.
How will I get clients?
We train you in a variety of marketing methods on how to get clients. These are simple yet effective methods, that when applied well can grow your business. You’ll choose the methods most comfortable and easy for you to do, we’ll be there to help and guide you when you need us.
How do I make money?
From the services clients purchase from you. This could be a mobile app, progressive web app, website, online marketing or any from the range of services available to you. They purchase from you and we then build and/or provide the service to you for the customer. As an example, a standard mobile app has a retail price of £2750 and your cost is only £750 for us to build and provide the app. It also has a monthly retail price of £100 and your cost is only £60, so you also make passive income. This is how you make money.
Is there any training or support?
Of course there is. We customize the training to suit you because we do the training one on one – not in a “classroom” with a bunch of others. This way we dedicate and focus our attention on you and adjust the training to your needs. After training you’ll get some weekly one on one coaching if you desire and then ongoing support as you need it. We are in this together and we are successful when you are – so we have a vested interest in seeing you succeed.
How can I find out if this business is for me?
The best way is to download the free information pack, from there you’ll be given a secret link where you can schedule a free Business Discovery Session. In this session we’ll walk you through the business and show you how the business works, how you make money and you can see, hear and understand if it’s something you want to consider further.
I like the booming industry, I just have no technical knowledge, is this a problem?
You do not have to do any technical work – our team of designers, programmers and techies do all that for you. Bottom line – we take care of the technical details – you focus on growing your business and working with your clients.
What kind of person does well in this business?
Great question. Someone that wants to get into business for themselves but don’t want to figure everything out themselves. If you can work well on your own, are driven and take responsibility for your results – then these are great ingredients in the recipe for success.
Why would I pay £20,000 for this?
Valid question seeing you haven’t done the free Business Discovery Session and haven’t seen the full depth of what is available. In short we’ve done all the hard work – figured most of the hard stuff out. More importantly – and where the big expense is – we’ve got the team of people to do all the work of providing the services for you. We manage them and take care of the technical part of your projects. It’s cost us hundreds of thousands to get the business where it is today – you bypass all that. We set you up with a turnkey business that as you complete your initial training you can simply focus on getting clients. The bottom line - its only £20,000 (no VAT payable) for a fast-start business in which you have the potential to earn over £150k - with no royalty or marketing fees and a whole range of services.
*All prices exclude VAT or applicable taxes – unless specified

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