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The Ultimate Lifestyle from this low investment, low overhead business

Build a business helping businesses get more customers using mobile technologies - no tech knowledge needed. Get launched in the hottest mobile app and digital services industry today. Low investment of just $19,950 and you can get started with our finance option with $0 up front (on approval) and enjoy zero royalty or marketing fees and full training provided. Fast track your path to success using our systems, training and support. We do all the technical work and back-end services - you simply provide solutions to businesses that every business needs. We provide full training and everything you need to get started. Make the income you desire and deserve using our proven business model, training and ongoing support – without needing any tech skills.

Top 9 Reasons to Become a Mobile App City Licensee

1. Ultra-High Growth Industry
2. Ultimate Lifestyle Business
3. Very Low investment, low overhead business
4. No Royalty, or Marketing Fees
5. No tech, IT or Development Experience Required
6. Proven Systems with Full Training and Support
7. Wide Range of In-Demand Services You Can Provide
8. Help Business Owners get more customers and reduce expenses using Mobile Technologies
9. Fast Start Business

What Will I Do

We set you up with your own business providing Mobile Apps and other needed mobile services to businesses.

Using technologies like Mobile Apps you can provide services that help business owners increases sales and reduce costs.

Get a full toolkit of services to provide businesses with full training – yet WE do all the back-end work – we do all/any technical or design work – you are the face for the client. You'll be armed with a whole suite of digital services including Mobile Apps, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and a whole range of other in-demand services – without you needing any technical knowledge or doing any tech work.

You'll always be on the cutting edge with Mobile App City.

A truly unique business that can provide a great lifestyle and flexibility doing something you love.

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Services You Can Provide

Full suite of Mobile Technologies

Create multiple streams of income from each client. These are a sample of services available with your cost price versus your retail.

Mobile Apps – For Business

Mobile Apps designed to help businesses get more repeat customers. Fully custom designed app for the business available on Google and Apple stores.

We utilize our proprietary system to design and build custom designed mobile apps to make them affordable for all businesses.

Mobile Apps – Large scale, Games

Large scale mobile apps – whether its the next “Uber" or a game or a specialized mobile app for a large company – our dedicated team of programmers, developers and designers can deliver.

Container Mobile Apps

UberEats is the classic example of a container mobile app – one app that contains many businesses (or apps) within the one app.

A new and affordable technology where a number of businesses can be contained in a single mobile app. Great to help businesses get new customers


You can offer any scale of high quality website with our development team. Impressive on any size screen, mobile to desktop. Quality, speed, security with stand-out design is our benchmark.

Web/Social Media Marketing

Businesses that desire more customers and want to expand their online presence. Perfect for businesses that want to build awareness or get in front of prospective customers fast.

Complete marketing/advertising campaigns using Facebook and similar platforms to get new customers for your clients.

Graphic Design

Businesses that need to stand out. Logo, flyers, branding; you name it our team do it for your clients.

SEM Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Designed to get new customers in the door.

Businesses which typically find their customers come from a search on Google – this is a needed strategy. We have a range of campaigns to suit most budgets and demands of businesses.

Business Coaching Tools

If you want to consult or coach businesses, you'll have a set of tools to help you make consulting income.

Online Food Ordering

No upfront cost and no transaction fee option to enable restaurants to accept online orders for food. Flat monthly fee to the restaurant. Very attractive system !

What Our Licensees Say

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Overall when you add it all up this business surpasses almost anything out there.

For a low-investment business allowing you the ultimate in lifestyle and flexibility, you’d be crazy not carefully consider Mobile App City – it could be the best
business decision you’ve made yet.

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