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The Ultimate White Collar Master License Business

This is the ultimate white collar Master License. You''l build a team of Licensees in your territory. Through your Licensees you'll be providing in-demand mobile technologies to businesses that will help them get more customers and reduce operating expenses. Your Licensees do not need to have any technical knowledge - just be driven to run their own business. Fast track your path to success using our systems, training and support.

9 Reasons Why You'd Want to Invest in a Mobile App City Master License

1. Ultra-High Growth Industry
2. Ultimate Lifestyle Business
3. You like to think BIG and demand high returns
4. You want a large residual income
5. You'd rather pay for support and a proven system, than start from scratch
6. You want a White-Collar Professional Services business
7. Wide Range of In-Demand Services You Can Provide
8. You want exclusivity in a growth trend industry
9. You'd rather invest than just buy yourself a job

The Mobile App City Master License Business

As the Master Licensee you’ll be advertising the business opportunity to your market place. You’ll then be screening the applicants and selling to the ones you want as Licensees. Remember, the success of your business, long term, depends on the quality of your Licensees, so follow the screening process carefully and be sure you’re getting someone who’ll make it.

You'll earn £16,000 from each Licensee you recruit plus make ongoing passive income. We’ll train each Licensee for you. Thus by investing in a territory from £140,000 you can get 100% return on your investment from just 9 Licensees, plus earn ongoing monthly passive income.

What really sets a Mobile App City License apart form other franchises is the Licensees pay NO royalties and instead you as the Master Licensee make ongoing income from the licensees with each client they get and each service they sell. This makes this License business opportunity very attractive and exceeds all the benefits of a typical franchise without the downside. The result – an attractive business that makes it easier for you to build your team of Licensees and great incredible income streams.

What does a Licensee Get?

So, what does the Licensee get for their investment in a License?
• A full development team that does all the back end work and heavy lifting. (Licensee does not need to be technical)
• Full training on the business performed one on one
• Their own website and logo designed
• Full suite of mobile app and digital services they can provide to businesses
• Digital marketing materials and, demonstration mobile apps so they can show their prospective clients
• Essentially everything needed to immediately be up and running in their business

Above all else the one thing they get is …

The experience of more than 20+ years of creating turn-key business systems that work worldwide without having re-invent everything from the start.

The ability to focus on building their business rather than having to continually design new products, new systems and new programs. In other words, they buy from us the rights to the incredible and unique Mobile App City platform of wholesale digital services with a support structure.

The result for you – an efficient and effective Master License business that enables you to earn a big income with ongoing passive income.

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What Our Licensees Say

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Overall when you add it all up this business surpasses almost anything out there.

Consider a Master License with Mobile App City – it could be the best
business decision you’ve made yet.

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