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What Do I Get

The Ultimate Lifestyle Business

For a low investment and no royalties or ongoing fees, we set you up with your own business with high-demand services to offer.

Help businesses get more customers and reduce expenses using technology. You'll be armed with a whole suite of digital services including Mobile Apps, the new Container Mobile Apps, Websites, Online and Social Media Marketing – without you needing to be the expert or have any technical knowledge and without doing any tech work. You'll always be on the cutting edge with Mobile App City. Make upfront income with every new client, and then get an ongoing monthly passive income. A truly unique business that can provide multiple streams of passive income from each client.

Fast Start Business Launch

Fast-Start your business with our in-depth one on one training program covering all aspects of the business. We customize the training to suit you and your goals.

You’ll also get a complete range of digital marketing materials, business card designed, presentations, flyers – you name it, you get it – ready to immediately launch your business.

No stone has been left un-turned in this full-service business. You can even expand your business by building a team of commission-only sales people. There are no territory restrictions either, so you can operate world-wide if you choose.

Access to a full team

We’ve done all the hard work testing the products and services, hiring and building the team, creating simple operating systems that make the business simple to run – so you don’t have to. You can simply focus on building your business from the day you start.

You don’t need to hire anyone or doing any technical work. There is nothing that will slow your business growth down more than getting stuck figuring and doing tech work (or any basic, repetitive work like that). You don’t need to, as we have a full team that do it all for you. Although you do have the option to build your own apps and drop your costs even further – its up to you.

This leaves you free to focus on building your business and looking after your clients.

Better still is you don’t have the overheads of managing staff, or worrying if what you produce will be good enough for your client. Here you’ll have confidence to deliver the highest quality without you getting stuck in the silly details.

Highest Quality, in-demand services, value pricing, no inventory needed

Business owners don’t want “cheap” – they want “value.” That means very high quality that delivers results – at a great price. That’s what you’ll deliver. The full range of services you’ll have are a uniqueness to themselves – virtually no one else out there provides this breadth of services under the one umbrella. That’s what business owners want – one person to deal with to take care of all their mobile, tech and digital service needs. You are that person.

No royalties or any ongoing fees and no need to buy any inventory. No “pre-purchasing” of apps or other services. Only once you get the cash from the client do you then pay us our small cost to build/provide the service for you,while you keep the difference.

A virtually positive cash flow business.

In depth training, mentoring and ongoing support

Our training with you is in-depth and done one on one. We focus on you, your skills, your comfort level and your pace. We care about you and your success and we’d never throw you in a classroom with others you don’t know and treat you like sheep.

The training is done remotely so you do it in the comfort of your home or office at your pace – but live, one on one with the founders of the company – not a “hired-hand”.

After training, in the first month you’ll get personal coaching from the founders in jump starting your business and then get ongoing support. There’s no additional cost for this – it's all part of the service.

Constant Cutting Edge Products and Services

Sure Mobile Apps are hot right now – but that’s not all that is hot. We are constantly researching what the next technology that businesses will need is. When something new comes along as hot as mobile apps, we add them to the list of services you can provide.

Some new ones that have recently been added include “Container Mobile Apps" (Uber Eats is an example of a Container App) and even a zero upfront cost “Online Food Ordering system" so restaurants can beat their competition – two cutting edge technologies that businesses can use to enhance their business.

With Mobile App City at your side, you’ll always be the leader in your field.

Multiple Streams of Passive Income from each client possible

With a full range of services you can create multiple streams of passive income from each client. Why run a business with just one main service? Then after you find a customer and they buy that service, you’d then have constantly go out and find another.

With a Mobile App city license you can solve many problems for a business and provide them with many services. Thus you can get a client base and sell many times to them. That’s a real business – with just one or two products all you really have is a “promotion” – not a business.

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Overall when you add it all up this business surpasses almost anything out there.

For a low investment business with the ability to build a team and all these benefits, you’d be
crazy not carefully consider Mobile App City – it could be the best
business decision you’ve made yet.

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