Since 2011, Mobile App City (MAC) has helped everyday people to launch and grow successful digital tech businesses.

Through our 160+ Partners located worldwide, MAC has designed, built, and published hundreds of successful apps, websites, and digital services for small businesses, institutions, celebrities, sports stars, and charities – generating millions of dollars for Partners.

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Learn more about Mobile App City’s offering, including how we help everyday people to capitalize on the booming mobile app industry.

Download your free info pack

Learn more about Mobile App City’s offering, including how we help everyday people to capitalize on the booming mobile app industry.

Meet Our Founders

MAC is a team of highly driven, highly skilled technology nerds who love the thrill of setting up and supporting Partners to achieve success in their small businesses.

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Richard Gianini

Co-Founder, Head of Sales and Partnerships

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Josh Foti

Co-Founder, Head of Operations and Tech

Meet Our Team Leaders


Director US Operations


Director UK Operations


Custom App Team Leader


UIX Team Leader


Google AdWords/Maps Team Leader

Mia Bianca

Website Team Leader


HR Manager


International Operations Manager


Mobile App Team Leader


SEO Team Leader

Our Vision

To be the world’s leader in mobile applications and digital services, enabling entrepreneurs to get more customers, increase profits and reduce expenses through technology.

Our Values

Integrity, professionalism, and accountability are just a few core values that we strive to uphold in everything we do


I do what I say, and my word is my honor. I always speak the truth. My integrity is a critical asset, and I am committed to upholding it. I set high standards and abide by them as I practice business fairly and ethically. I share my expectations with others and strive to maintain a workplace built on mutual values, trust, and goodwill.

Accountability & Responsibility

I am accountable for my actions and the effect these actions have on others. I realize that what I have, who I have become, and who I will become is my responsibility. I seek to improve myself and learn from my past while I enjoy the present moment, striving to create a better future for myself and my company.


How I communicate with others will determine my level of success. I understand that when I am communicating, I must ensure I am understood. I communicate when I have questions and communicate directly with the person involved. Integrity and trust are key to open communication and are the basis of our culture.


I hold myself to the highest standard and continually raise my standard. I am Professional in the way I present myself, in the way that I work, and in the way I communicate with people.

Life Balance

I enjoy life and my work. I am cheerful and happy and enjoy a balance between my work life, leisure time, spiritual life, and family life.


I am open to learning new things. I am open to other people’s points of view and realize they do not need to be the same as mine. I embrace change and realize that to be successful in life, I need to be adaptable.

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